We know babies are delicate and need utmost care and protection at all times, and it is not just limited to providing utmost protection from the outside. By this, we mean the core safety of the baby’s diet, immunity, and overall health. Whether you are a new parent or have had kids before, there are a few things that most parents often miss out on, and it might affect the child's overall health. Especially from the baby phase till the toddler stage, little ones need several important nutrients that are often not provided to them in regular food. At times the preservatives and artificial flavors do the cover-ups to nutrients. 

Hence, with the growing enlightenment to offer healthy, nutrient-rich, and safe food to babies, a substantial consumer base is demonstrating an inclination toward organic food supplements for their little ones, exhibiting an expansive content of nutrients that would complement the baby's health and provide a balanced diet. Such is when the demand & popularity for organic baby food is widening across different countries, including Egypt. In fact, a recent research report published by MarkNtel Advisors reveals that the Egypt Baby Food Market is set to register a CAGR of around 13% during 2022-27.  

The initial 6-12 months of growth is when the child can eat a lot more than just milk. It is also when parents begin feeding baby food to the infants & are introduce a pre-mix dietary supplement to the baby. If you are wondering how baby food is better & different from regular foods, stay tuned to understand all the aspects enlightening you on these products & their influence on the health of your child. 

Baby Food & Its Prominence on Health

Baby Foods are the category of packaged food manufactured with appropriate nutrients & safety for babies. These foods enrich with nutrients like Vitamins & Minerals, fulfilling the overall nutritional needs of a baby. These foods are soft textured, which makes it easy to feed the infant, and are a perfect alternative to breastmilk. Coming upon "organic" baby food, these products are free of chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, and anything that is not natural. Organic baby food is grown or processed without the use of any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

With the presence of several food regulatory associations across the country for stringent screening levels, manufacturers ensure that food meets the high-quality standards & packed safely with all the nutrients entailed in the packaged diet. With the growing awareness among people about the availability & benefits of these products in the form of fruit puree, juices, yogurt, soup, biscuit, custard, cereals, and milk formula, among others, the demand for organic baby food is expanding rapidly and hinting toward the presence of numerous growth opportunities for the prominent brands in the industry. 

It is pertinent to ensure that baby food is manufactured with high-quality nutrients & exhibits all the contents that are essential for the overall physical & mental development of the little ones. Hence, the regulatory standards and safety measures for these products are highly rigid. Moreover, observing the growing population of children suffering from Malnutrition, it is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers to introduce high-quality baby food at affordable prices to reach these infants are addressed their requirements for better health.  

Brands like Lacto Misr company, Nestlé, Danone Groupe, Hero Group, Fasska, Riri Co., Liptis Nutrition Ltd., Ninolac International SA., and Abbott Laboratories, among others, are active participants in the industry making a substantial contribution to widening the market by exploring new opportunities in the organic baby food across Egypt. It is observed that children who consume organic baby food are less likely to have incidents of wheezing. In fact, since the consumption of processed foods demonstrated the development of diseases like asthma, organic baby food has helped in lowering the risk of ADD (Attention Deficiency Disorder) & concentration problems.

Baby Food, Types, & Demands 

Broadly, baby foods are fragmented into milk formula, baby snacks, beverages, & baby cereals, among others, where Milk formula has been the most popular choice across Egypt over the years. Due to its perception as an alternative to breastfed milk, many mothers & working females have shown a substantial inclination toward these products & are anticipated to prevail in the same trend in the future. In fact, even the government is encouraging mothers to feed milk formula to their babies due to the high benefits it entails. For instance,

  • The Ministry of Health & Population of Egypt distributed infant formula across 50 treatment centers nationwide, which was done principally to combat the early detection of phenylketonuria in newborns, which causes disability in later life spans. The distributed formula is therapeutic milk produced by the largest baby milk producer in Egypt, Lacto Misr. The company also specializes in other baby supplements and food ingredients. 

Baby Food & Its Growth Prospect across Egypt in the Future

Considering all the aspects cited above, it can be said that the potential of the baby food industry in Egypt is substantial. In addition, with the rapidly growing population with higher birth rates and increasing awareness among parents about the benefits & availability of baby food across different sales channels, the demand for these supplements shall multiply significantly. The same aspects are also generating lucrative opportunities for the players to widen their consumer base and product portfolio for these products to meet the baby’s dietary needs, leading the overall industry toward substantial growth in the coming years. 

Asmit Singh September 21, 2022
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Smart implants are implantable healthcare devices that have both therapeutic & diagnostic functionalities. When used as diagnostics, they provide real-time information about the body's inside environment using the sensors embedded in them. It, in turn, can help healthcare professionals tailor treatments and detect adverse events earlier. Besides, integrating these devices into daily clinical practice can provide significant benefits to the healthcare system, such as reduced recovery times, fewer lost work days post-surgery, and less number of readmissions, and fewer complications.

With rapid technological advancements in the healthcare sector and the mounting demand for providing pervasive & personalized medical care to patients, a recent study by MarkNtel Advisors has projected around 8.62% CAGR for the Global Smart Implants Market during 2022-27. Additionally, the combination of minimally invasive techniques and smart implants has created a scope for treating several diseases, monitoring chronic conditions in real time, and providing patient-centric care.

Why are Orthopedic Implants so Popular?

The rising orthopedic surgeries worldwide have surged the demand for orthopedic implants, as they offer benefits like comprehensive blood management, multimodal pain management, & post-operative care management, which can assist in the effective treatment of ortho-related ailments. Knee osteoarthritis is one of the most common musculoskeletal pathologies globally, and patients who fail conventional therapeutics undergo TKA (Total Knee Arthroplasty), i.e., considered the gold-standard treatment.

Hence, given the surging prevalence of TKA & total hip arthroplasty, the pool of smart implant receivers is expected to surge significantly in the coming years. Besides, orthopedic implants also find application in knee  & hip arthroplasties, early osteolysis & dislocation detection, infection detection, spine fusion, fracture fixation, fracture healing measurement, bone ingrowth measurement, etc.

On the other hand, smart implants are made of several materials, including metal, cobalt, titanium, bone cement, alloy, polyethylene, & silicone, among others. However, titanium is the most prominent one, owing to its excellent biocompatibility, i.e., due to the formation of a stable oxide layer on the surface, coupled with its bio-inert & bio-tolerant properties.

Nevertheless, with the rising prevalence of hip replacement surgeries, polyethylene is another bio-inert material gaining significant traction worldwide since it can notably lower the risk of revision surgery requirements after hip replacements.


With benefits like efficient patient data mining & management, remote disease monitoring & progression, drug adherence, etc., smart implants have immense potential in personalized & precision medicine. However, there exist a few challenges to its scalability in some countries with poor infrastructure, cultural barriers, legal & health policy issues, resistance by regulatory bodies, inadequate funding, data privacy concerns, and lack of trained healthcare professionals.

Hence, there is a dire need for such countries to curate strategies in order to strengthen the current landscape of implant services by substantial investments, public-private partnerships, proper training of healthcare staff, encouraging community engagement, and creating regulatory policies for these devices in healthcare settings, which, consequently, would generate remunerative prospects for the leading companies in the smart implants industry in the years to come.

Markntel Advisors September 08, 2022
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Cashew milk is a non-dairy milk replacement obtained by processing cashews & water. It contains vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, & other plant-based substances and has fewer calories than dairy, coconut, & oat milk. The unsaturated fatty acids in this milk are responsible for good fats that improve heart health while providing additional benefits.

With the rising trend toward veganism, people intentionally avoid animal-derived milk & other products for various ethical, health, and environmental reasons. As a result, plant-based products like cashew milk, almond milk, oat milk, hemp milk, & soy milk, among others, are gaining traction worldwide. Considering this, a recent study by MarkNtel Advisors has projected around 5.2% CAGR for the Global Cashew Milk Market during 2022-27.

More and more people are incorporating this variety of milk into their diet owing to its numerous health perks like better cardiovascular health, vision, bone & teeth health, and so on. The rising consumer awareness of these advantages of cashew milk and its easy & widespread availability in various flavors are promoting the industry’s expansion.

What are the Key Factors Influencing the Production of Cashew Milks?

Cashew milk has beneficial nutrients that boost immunity, protect against external viruses, reduce blood clotting, promote anti-cancer characteristics within cells, increase antioxidants, lower cholesterol levels, and provide a high iron content.

As more & more individuals are adopting plant-based products, food & beverage manufacturers worldwide are substantially investing in expanding their production capacities and using sustainable & vegan solutions in the packaging, storage, & transportation of their products.

Cashew milk is available in two forms, viz. powders & liquid. Of two, powders are likely to continue holding a considerable share in the industry, mainly due to their longer shelf life than liquids and easy handling, transportation, & storage. The Vitamin E present in these powders promotes the development of fat-soluble antioxidants. They are used frequently as dry ingredients in bakeries, cafés, and wholesale food chains for biscuits, hot chocolate mixes, pancakes, muffins, or loaves that can be stored in combined form for up to a month.

What does the future look like?

The ease of cashew milk has drawn many people with hectic work schedules who want to ensure the availability of all essential nutrients in every meal they consume. As a result, the leading companies are making massive R&D investments in producing soluble cashew milk powders to meet the ever-growing customer requirements, i.e., promoting cashew milk  powder sales through different distribution channels, especially online platforms.

It is in line with the increasing penetration of the internet & smartphones and the rapidly expanding e-commerce sector. Moreover, the wide variety of these products at lower prices than in supermarkets/hypermarkets is another prominent reason behind the increasing consumer preferences toward online shopping.

Another segment, flavored cashew milk, is also gaining global traction as consumer taste & preferences are changing with the growing availability of cashew milk in various flavors like vanilla, coffee, coconut, cinnamon, etc. Furthermore, the launch of new flavors, such as salted caramel, silk vanilla, & strawberry, among others, is another prominent aspect likely to create new directions for the cashew milk industry to witness burgeoning sales in the coming years.

Markntel Advisors September 07, 2022
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There is no denying the fact that companies involved in the pet food business have expanded excessively in recent years, and Latin America has grown as a region with the maximum number of pets worldwide.

Well, it's mainly due to humanization trends, especially in millennials, since they prefer having cats or dogs over a child, consider them a part of their family, and invest significantly in their health & nutrition.

These trends have resulted in the significant expansion of the Latin America Pet Food Market, i.e., projected to register around 7.43% CAGR during 2022-27, mainly due to the increasing number of pet owners and growing awareness among them about proper pet nutrition.

Various pet food associations & federations are laying out stringent regulations for manufacturers to produce safe & quality products. Moreover, manufacturers are also introducing products specific to different breeds, sizes, ages, and others for the convenience of both owners & pets.

In addition, the growing penetration of organic pet food produced without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics is increasing the consumer interest in natural formations, i.e., allowing manufacturers to diversify their product offerings.

The Changing Landscape of the Pet Food Industry post Covid-19

The economic crisis that came with the Covid-19 pandemic was vividly visible and drastically affected most industries. However, the Latin America Pet Food Industry witnessed a massive boom, thanks to e-commerce penetration. As manufacturers & distributors realized this movement, they started investing in their e-commerce portals.

The result was a dramatic rise in pet food sales as people adopted online platforms for their pet food shopping needs, owing to their convenience and benefits, such as a wide variety of options to choose from, quick deliveries, discounts & offers, etc.

Even after restrictions have eased, the millennial population continues to contribute to online pet food shopping, and thus numbers are likely to rise exponentially over the coming years.

What does the future look like?

Pet food manufacturers in Latin America have a promising future, as there's a growing trend across the region to make pets a member of their families, coupled with the booming e-commerce industry. The well-being and nutrition of pets are of utmost importance to pet owners.

Supermarkets & hypermarkets continue to lead as the most prominent zones for pet food sales, with the growing availability of premium & unusual pet food at these establishments. Pet owners are searching for more than just the essentials and increasingly purchasing luxury pet foods with high nutritional content.

As a result, the Latin America Pet Food Industry is not slowing down anytime soon & would continue flourishing over the years. More companies would introduce comprehensive product options, supplements, & other food varieties to expand their consumer base. With the increasing number of healthier products, as well as subscriptions & online purchases, the quality & convenience are worth the price surge in these food products to keep pets healthy & happy. These aspects shall then create new directions for the leading companies in the pet food market to witness significant expansion in the years to come.

Markntel Advisors September 05, 2022
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