Everyone every day or the other talks about carbon, and why not? It is a crucial ingredient in numerous applications, viz. for manufacturing materials, plants' respiration, and a lot more. Well, we will know about its most stable form, i.e., graphite, and its varied applications across different sectors. Graphite is used extensively owing to its versatility & unique properties of both metals & non-metals, right from the tip of the pencil to a lithium-ion battery.

With rapid advances in society, its application has scaled to numerous industrial materials, high-end batteries, & fire-safe products, among others. Considering these aspects, a recent study by MarkNtel Advisors has projected around 5% CAGR for the Global Graphite Market during 2022-27. Curious to know about the prominent reasons behind it? Continue reading the blog to learn more.

It is urban developments & industrialization that have surged the demand for graphite in recent years across manufacturing & construction industries globally. Due to graphite's both natural & synthetic properties, coupled with its high electro-conductivity, malleability, & tensile strength, the manufacturing industry is extensively exercising its potential in indefinite ways.

Several companies in the graphite industry, including Imerys S.A., SGL Carbon SE, etc., are rigorously conducting R&D activities to expand its application further. Furthermore, the booming Electric Vehicle (EV) industry is leading to the growing production of lithium-ion batteries, in which graphite is the key component as an anode, whereas a lubricant in brake linings & gaskets of the vehicle. It is how graphite is becoming more & more popular worldwide and yet not stopping. In the blog ahead, we will see its key applications, varying dynamics across different geographies, and future directions.

The Most Prominent Aspects associated with Graphite

As stated earlier, graphite comes in both natural & synthetic forms. Among the two, the synthetic one is more utilized globally owing to its high purity levels, lightweight, excellent thermal & electric conductivity, and better durability & corrosion resistance than natural graphite. Moreover, applications of synthetic graphite are also more than the natural ones & they include foundries, lubricants, refractory materials, electrodes, recarburizers, & coatings. Besides, synthetic graphite is also being utilized extensively in steel manufacturing using Electric Arc Furnaces (EAFs).

Graphite's top end-users include metallurgy, electronics, & automotive sectors, where metallurgy, which comprises electrodes, refractories, casting, and foundries, remains the most prominent one. Graphite-based electrodes are used mainly in furnaces for smelting, steel making, ferroalloy production, & also for making silicon metal. In applications involving steel molding, various types of aluminum & graphite compounds are available in the form of nozzles & troughs.

How will Graphite be instrumental in creating a renewable future?

Scientists have discovered breakthroughs in renewable sources by using graphene, a derivative of graphite. Since graphite is the most significant mineral component found in lithium-ion batteries, graphene is likely to be the hope of renewable energy in the coming years. It can be well-utilized for electrical components and items like sensors, batteries, composites, & ion-exchange membranes, among others.

In addition, it can replace platinum & also be implemented in biosensing & electronics owing to its strength & durability. Moreover, since graphene can provide 10 times better energy charging, it can enhance EV efficiency.

China, the largest exporter of graphite, is substantially investing in establishing more & more steel mills that use EAFs. The country's extensive production capacity of UHP graphite electrodes used in steel manufacturing shall continue creating new avenues for the leading companies participating in the graphite industry over the years ahead.

Markntel Advisors August 29, 2022
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As the advent of diseases is escalating rapidly, the patient pool across the world is increasing rapidly and demonstrating an upsurge in the need for surgeries. However, to conduct a successful surgery, the surgeon needs to have all the necessary equipment & products handy to perform the surgery efficiently. Among the different types of accessories, the demand for Medical Loupes is escalating rapidly.

Since a surgical team can significantly benefit from surgical eye loupes & tiny magnifiers mounted inside spectacles lenses, the demand for this equipment, especially in complex or protracted procedures is hiking to procure better vision to detail. A recent research report published by MarkNtel Advisors reveals that the Global Medical Loupes Market is set to register a CAGR of around 7.2% during 2022-27. Now let us continue reading to learn more about the prominence of these medical loupes and the prominent factors backing their high demand globally.
The Crucial Role to Play

Surgical loupes have become a prominent addition to a surgical team when adequately selected & calibrated because of their capabilities of not interfering with the procedure or causing distractions, but magnifying the details to avoid mistakes and get greater attention to complex aspects. Medical loupes can help a surgical team avoid operating in awkward, hunched positions that could later cause persistent neck and lower back pain.

In fact, a compact, practical, & affordable approach to provide magnification for your team during complex procedures is with surgical magnifying loupes. These medical loupes allow the surgical team to test different strengths & sizes before placing the final order owing to their magnification strength.

While talking about the active participation of the leading players in the market, the advent of several new companies manufacturing this equipment shall play a prominent role in the market expansion. Besides, with the rapid advancements in medicine, different geographic locations shall experience considerable growth in the demand for medical loupes, backed by the development in the overall healthcare infrastructure during the forecast period.

An Opportunistic Future Ahead

Considering the aspects cited above in the blog, we can conclude that the medical loupes market is set to register substantial growth in the coming years and demonstrate a presence of remunerative opportunities for the leading players. As a result, the industry shall also witness the active participation of the leading players, backed by massive government support through investments & the conduction of research & development activities & favorable policies for the clinical trials of this equipment. Hence, the demand for medical loupes is likely to upswing globally and contribute to the overall market growth in the future.

Nonetheless, a swift rise in minimally invasive surgeries worldwide is also propelling the demand for medical loupes & is predicted to demonstrate an upswing in demand, backed by a growing patient pool and surgeries globally. While there are challenges associated with the market growth, like the use of extensive medical equipment, the insufficient use of medical loupe items due to a lack of awareness might cause hindrance in the fledged market growth.

Markntel Advisors August 27, 2022
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As fast as the advent of new diseases is escalating rapidly, health issues like cancers are becoming increasingly common among people. Likewise, the prevalence of Gastroesophageal cancer is also gaining swift momentum throughout the world.

Gastroesophageal (GE) cancer refers to a combination of gastric & esophageal cancers and is among the most common tumors globally. Patients with early-stage GE cancer may have symptoms like dyspepsia, anorexia, difficulty swallowing, weight loss, or stomach pain, and frequently receive a prescription for a chemotherapy drug regimen & surgery, either with or without radiation.

Owing to the growing cases of these cancers, a recent research report published by MarkNtel Advisors reveals that the Global Gastroesophageal Cancer Market is set to register a CAGR of around 15.8% during 2022-27. Let us read the blog further to learn more about this illness and the potential for treatments in the future.

The Rapid Rise in Gastroesophageal Cancer Instances

In recent years, GE cancer has undergone tremendous change, where most esophageal cancer cases are discovered at advanced stages. While the prominent causes are yet to be discovered, frequent drinking & smoking are among the prominent reasons triggering the occurrence of gastroesophageal cancer, including gastroesophageal reflux disease, obesity, and gastric ulcers.

With a 5-year survival rate of under 20%, the prognosis for GE cancer is still poor, despite significant advancements in multimodality therapy. However, through 2027, it is anticipated that quick approvals for the first-line combination of systemic medicines & novel targeted agents would demonstrate an opportunistic future for gastroesophageal cancer.

Over the years, numerous therapies have emerged for the treatment of this cancer, yet chemotherapy has been the most significant for treating this cancer owing to its higher curability rates & greater efficiency than other treatments. Chemotherapy is frequently used as an adjuvant treatment for gastroesophageal cancer in addition to radiation therapy and surgery.

Neoadjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy delivery can be done in various ways and there is no best way. While traditional SOC (standard-of-care) treatments have little effect on patient outcomes in metastatic or unresectable illnesses, surgery is still essential for treating esophageal SCC (squamous cell carcinoma).

Targeted treatments are also being developed for the treatment of gastroesophageal cancer in phase III, including Andecaliximab, Avelumab (Bavencio), IMAB362, Ipilimumab (Yervoy), Napabucasin, Nimotuzumab, Pamiparib, Regorafenib (Stivarga), Rivoceranib (Apatinib), & Tislelizuma.

Since gastroesophageal cancer is uncommon with late signs like the sensation of food being caught in the throat, there is often a low diagnostic rate for it throughout many nations worldwide. However, medical professionals may now produce detailed and high-quality images to identify acute lesions thanks to technological breakthroughs like high-definition & magnification endoscopy and image enhancement.

An Opportunistic Future Ahead

Since therapies like chemotherapy & radiation have been the SOC (Standard-of-Care) for gastroesophageal cancer regardless of tumor site and stage, more and more patients are opting for these treatments. Additionally, the growing awareness among people about the availability of such diseases is also contributing to the overall expansion of the industry. Moreover, as the patient influx is increasing rapidly, the governments of different countries are investing substantially in the industry and conducting various research & development activities to bring more reliable & effective treatments for the patients. It is demonstrating a presence of favorable poicies for the clinical trials of new therapeutics. In addition, the same aspect is further showcasing the active participation of the leading players, leading the overall industry toward substantial growth in the future. 

Markntel Advisors August 23, 2022
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With the growing cancer cases worldwide, governments of different countries are increasingly investing in the healthcare sector & conducting numerous research & development activities to bring out more effective & reliable diagnostics & therapeutics for patients.

Among all, Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell Therapy is swiftly gaining momentum globally. It is a type of immunotherapy where altered immune cells (T-cells) are used to find & attack tumor cells. In the therapy, a patient's T cells are extracted & genetically engineered to express a CAR (Chimeric Antigen Receptor) to recognize a protein on the surface of cancer cells. The modified T-cells are then multiplied & infused back into the patient. From here, these cells identify & kill tumor cells & might remain in the body for months after the infusion.

With the mounting consumer awareness about the high possibilities of this immunotherapy to show effectiveness in cancer patients, a recent study by MarkNtel Advisors has revealed that the Global Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell Therapy Market is set to register an exponential CAGR during 2022-27. Now let us read the blog further to learn more about CAR T-cells and what the future holds for this therapy in treating cancer patients.

What are CAR T-Cells & their role in treating cancer?

While surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy have been a foundation & primary therapy for the treatment of cancers for over decades now, immunotherapy exhibiting CAR T-Cells virus therapy is paving the way for new potentials in the treatment of cancers in patients. As conventional therapies continue to remain critical mainstays for cancer treatment, new treatments are playing a prominent role in transforming the outlook for cancer treatment for patients.

In recent years, immunotherapy enlist & strengthen the overall immune system of the patient to attack the tumor and has become another pillar for cancer treatment today. These therapies are becoming immune-boosting drugs with the ability to minimize & eradicate tumors, especially in patients with advanced cancer.

Although the therapy might also result in severe side effects in some patients alongside their slightly longer stays at hospitals for monitoring purposes, its efficacy in the treatment of hematologic malignancies has been well-proved. As a result, more and more patients are opting for this immunotherapy, i.e., promoting the overall industry expansion, where several research activities are ongoing to identify if it could help treat solid tumors.

What does the future hold for CAR T-Cell Therapy?

While the prevalence of cancer is yet to be addressed in mass by addressing challenges associated with the availability, reliability, and affordability of therapeutics, including immunotherapies, CAR T-cells virus therapy is anticipated to bring an opportunistic future for the industry. This prospect is backed by the massive support & encouragement of governments of different countries & health associations making substantial investments & conducting numerous research & development activities to bring more effective treatments. Hence, considering the aspects cited above, we can conclude that the Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell Therapy industry exhibits remunerative growth opportunities for the leading players in the industry and shall lead the overall market toward substantial growth in the future. 

Markntel Advisors August 22, 2022
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As fast as people's lives are changing across different corners of the world, the advent of diseases & illnesses is also increasing. While some health issues can be treatable, others cause significant suffering, like cancers. Since the true cause of cancers is yet to be discovered. changing the lifestyle & habits of people have a lot of say in triggering these diseases.

You might be surprised to know that, among females, Ovarian Cancer is the most common type of cancer and a prominent cause of death throughout the world. Hence, the governments & health associations globally are investing substantially in research & development to study these diseases & bring more effective diagnosis & treatments to cater to the needs of patients worldwide.

A recent research report published by MarkNtel Advisors reveals that the Global Ovarian Cancer Market is set to register a double digit CAGR during 2022-27. Ovarian cancer occurs in the protective epithelium layer of the ovary, called epithelial ovarian cancer. The most prevalent tumor types treated with ovarian cancer medications include:

  Epithelial ovarian cancer

  Ovarian low malignant potential tumor

  Germ cell tumor

  Sex cord-stromal tumor

Let us read the blog further to learn more about these cancers and their potential in the diagnosis & treatment among patients throughout the world.

Ovarian Cancer & its Most Prominent Type

Among the different types of ovarian cancer, the most prevalent kind is epithelial, where a majority of ovarian tumors are epithelial. Other options include mitotic inhibitors, antineoplastics, antirheumatics, antipsoriatics, VEGF/VEGF inhibitors, parp inhibitors, and antirheumatics.

With a rising population of elerderly females, the occurrence of ovarian cancer & infection risks is escalating too. Therefore, the governments of different countries are investing substantially in their healthcare infrastructure for the diagnosis & treatment of these diseases & to address the health challenges of patients worldwide.

Ovarian cancer symptoms are frequently disregarded or misdiagnosed. Additionally, several other health issues are mistaken for the same symptoms, which delays the diagnosis of the disease. The severity of ovarian cancer may result from late identification and therapy.

In fact, the governments are also focusing on developing enhanced diagnosis & treatment centers, alongside research & development activities, for ovarian cancer to expand healthcare facilities and diagnosis & treatments, thereby widening the patient reachability.

Additionally, the governments are raising awareness among people about ovarian cancer, its diagnosis, and treatment for women across the world, through campaigns, health associations, social media marketing, and other ways. Many research organizations are currently working on drugs & more effective treatments, which are in clinical testing & hold the potential to be on the market soon.

An Opportunistic Way Ahead

With a massive patient pool for ovarian cancer, the development & demand for more effective & reliable diagnoses & treatments is mounting too. It, in turn, is generating growth opportunities for the leading biopharma companies to invest & indulge substantially in ovarian cancer research & development and cater to the unmet patient needs globally. With the support from various health organizations & governments through funds & favorable policies for the development & clinical trials for treatments, the overall ovarian cancer market is set to register significant growth in the coming years.

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Markntel Advisors August 17, 2022
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The lives of people are becoming increasingly hectic, leaving minimum or no time for food preparations. Yet, as people are becoming increasingly health conscious, their inclination toward ready to eat & easy to prepare food is escalating rapidly to attain nutritional value & cater to the body's requirements throughout the day. It is also where the demand for frozen food products is swiftly gaining popularity, particularly among the working population, throughout the world. 

Increasing urbanization, improving economic rising conditions & growing disposable income, along with the swift expansion of the food & beverage industry, are among the prominent aspects stimulating the demand for ready-to-eat & convenience food products. Moreover, with the easy availability of different food in frozen form, the popularity & demand are accelerating rapidly. A recent research report published by MarkNtel Advisors reveals that the Global Frozen Food Market is set to register a CAGR of around 4.8% during 2022-27. 

Key Aspects Driving Consumer Interest

With advancing technology and its integration into the packaging, storing, and distribution industries for foreign food, several new companies have emerged in this industry offering a variety of frozen food products for the consumers and contributing to the overall industry expansion. Such factors are also elevating the demand for frozen bakery, snacks, meat, & seafood, among others. 

As the demand for frozen food is rising throughout the world, the industry is becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors, backed by prominent benefits like easy storage, longer shelf life, ready-to-eat & minimal preparations, among others. While some people might question the freshness of the product, frozen food is stored & packaged with safety and does not ensure contamination, allowing the user to attain fresh food for the longest time. 

Moreover, the easy availability of an extensive variety of frozen products across distribution channels like convenience stores, supermarkets/hypermarkets, and online mediums are also widening the consumer base for these food products and positively influencing the overall industry. 

What are the Leading Manufacturers up to?

Since the demand & popularity of frozen products are magnifying rapidly, more and more companies are introducing new marketing strategies to attain a dominant share in the industry and build a robust place. It, in turn, is demonstrating several recent developments made by different players, like:

  • In June 2018, Nestle introduced a new line of nutritious frozen meal segments, Wildspace, using reusable & recyclable containers in November. The leader also launched its meat-free brand, Garden Gourmet, in May 2018 to expand frozen ready meals across the UK.
  • The same year in October, another leader, Conagra, procured Pinnacle Foods Inc. (US) and took over its frozen meals, snacks, & sweet delights segments.
  • Leading player Lantmännen Unibake inaugurated a new production facility for frozen food in Nowa Sól, Poland, in the same year. 

Some Recent Trends in the Industry

People are always keeping up with the latest trends and rapidly adopt new habits in their day-to-day life, which, in some ways, surely influence different industries. Just like that, the frozen food industry is no exception and has several ongoing trends, like: 

  • As the number of people adopts vegan food habits to bring environmental sustainability & animal welfare, the demand for frozen foods like fruits & vegetables is escalating worldwide and playing a prominent role in augmenting the industry growth. 
  • On the other hand, improving economic conditions have truly paved the way for tourism and brought the world closer to food offerings. Such factors are also upsurging the demand for frozen food, especially across food chains like cafes, restaurants, & hotels, among others. 

So, what’s next?

By far, it is clear that the adoption, dependency, popularity, and demand for frozen food are rising substantially. What adds up is the growing competition among prominent companies and their urge to attain a dominant position in the industry. As a result, the introduction of the endless variety of frozen food products is emerging and is in wide adoption across different end-user industries. Hence, all the aforementioned factors hint toward an opportunistic future for the frozen food industry, where the overall market growth is set to be substantial globally in the coming years. Thanks to the advent of new technologies for the packaging, storage, and distribution of these products, i.e., attracting new entrants in the market, which, in turn, would create new directions for the frozen food industry in the years ahead.

Markntel Advisors August 11, 2022
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A weekend-get-away after a long & hectic work life eases the mind & body in multiple ways. Today, several people find this relaxation in a long drive, a bike ride, or just a spontaneous adventure. But, the skyrocketing fuel prices and heavy pockets often restrain riders to tap a couple more places on the route. Yet, regardless of the elevating fuel prices, the popularity of two-wheelers like scooters & motorcycles is escalating swiftly, not just for weekend get-away trips, but for day-to-day commutations too!!

In fact, the upsurging prices have shown a greater inclination of the people toward using Electric Scooters & Motorcycles. Such initiatives are not just enabling the user to avoid the high fuel prices but also contribute to environmental sustainability by not emitting carbon emissions from these vehicles. Perhaps it is one of the many reasons why a recent research report published by MarkNtel Advisors reveals that the Global Electric Scooter and Motorcycle Market is set to register a CAGR of around 14.62% during 2022-27.

Why is there so much Popularity for Electric Scooters & Motorcycles?

The population across different countries worldwide is growing exponentially & also demonstrating a swift improvement in the economic conditions of people. It, in turn, is also expanding the capabilities of the people to buy electric scooters & motorcycles and attain greater convenience in local transportation.

In fact, owing to the advantages of electric two-wheelers on the environment, the governments of different countries are promoting the sales of such vehicles as a contribution toward reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and laying out favorable policies & tax incentives. Besides, to overcome traffic congestion due to a high fleet of cars on the roads, people exemplify a greater preference for two-wheelers over four-wheelers for short-distance commutations.

Automakers worldwide view it as an opportunity to introduce more efficient, pocket-friendly, and convenient options for people in the form of electric scooters & motorcycles. This idea has also instigated the governments of different countries to encourage the people to invest money in these environment-friendly and sustainable vehicles. Hence, the popularity of electric scooters & motorcycles is accelerating swiftly. 

On the other hand, let us not forget how popular scooters are among the female population, which is still growing. With the rise in the number of working females, the demand & sales of electric scooters are escalating, not just for commutation from workplace to home but also for different day-to-day requirements. 

Likewise, the demand for motorcycles, especially among the younger generations, has elevated worldwide. As a result, several automakers are increasingly introducing new models, versions, and electrically enabled motorcycles in the market. It, in turn, is attracting a substantial consumer base and driving the industry. 

Are Electric Scooter & Motorcycle Maintenance any Different from Fuel-Based Vehicles?

While maintaining a fuel-based scooter and motorcycle might cause heavy pockets in some areas, like repairing parts, replacing components, and others, it is not the case with the electrical ones. Electric scooters & motorcycles have much cheaper maintenance and do not need a lot to look upon when the batteries & electric motor are in top-notch condition. In fact, the only thing that charges some maintenance cost is the battery. Besides that, Electric scooters and motorcycles are much more fun and safe than conventional two-wheelers owing to their lightweight, better balance, and robust structure. 

Is the Future of Electric Scooters & Motorcycles Sustainable?

Since the entire idea of electric automobiles is to contribute to the environment by reducing carbon emissions and lowering the pollution strain, even the governments of different countries are encouraging the adoption of electrically powered scooters & motorcycles for local commutation. Hence, these aspects hint that the demand for these vehicles would gain momentum and demonstrate a sustainable future in the industry while generating growth opportunities for the prominent players in the coming years.

Markntel Advisors August 09, 2022
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India has the second largest population in the world and still witnessing exponential growth. Perhaps, it is one of the many reasons behind rapid infrastructural development activities across the country. Be it the expanding residential sector to habitat people or the construction of schools, universities, & corporate facilities, India is witnessing advancements in every face associated with the well-being of people, thereby providing them the best public services.

With the idea of building smart cities and digital societies, the transportation industry is nowhere behind, and why should it be? People seek well-developed transportation & road connectivity to commute across locations regularly. Hence, leveraging citizens with technologically advanced transportation systems is also contributing to bringing smart cities to the country.

An ITS (Intelligent Transport System) is an application that intends to bring efficiency to people's lives by providing them with better services associated with transport & traffic management. It enables users to procure prior information about traffic, local convenience, real-time running, and seat availability, among other aspects, to minimize travel time while catering to safety & comfort.

Hence, owing to the increasing penetration of these systems, a recent research study by MarkNtel Advisors has projected around 14% for the India intelligent Transportation System Market during 2022-27. Now, let's read the blog further to learn a few things about ITS & its potential in the country.

Defining & Understanding Intelligent Transportation Systems

An Intelligent Transportation System is a prominent part of the Internet of Things, exhibiting technologies like Vehicle to Vehicle & Vehicle to Infrastructure, incorporating wireless & wire-line communication mechanisms to function. It is an application based upon sensing, analyzing, controlling, and communicating ground transportation to bring safety, mobility, and efficiency. Such technologies include an extensive range of applications that process & share data to provide the following advantages:

  • Ease congestion
  • Improve traffic management
  • Minimize environmental impact

The entire transportation industry is procuring ITS for various applications like:

  • Electronic toll collection
  • Ramp meters
  • Traffic light cameras
  • Traffic-signal coordination
  • Transit signal priority 
  • Traveler-information systems

Due to such capabilities, the adoption of ITS shall escalate swiftly in the future for operations like:

  • Fleet monitoring
  • Toll & ticket management
  • Transportation pricing
  • Telematics & traffic monitoring

Hence, with the growing utilization of these systems in the transportation industry of India, travelers can attain real-time information & analytics at ease.

As the economic conditions of people in India are improving, the expenditure is seen extensively on private ownership of automobiles, resulting in a rising vehicle fleet, which is why traffic congestion is not something unusual across the country. Yet, the growing utilization of ITS applications presents numerous benefits like minimal stops & delays at intersections, better speed control, travel time management, and capacity & incident management, among others. These trends project new directions for the intelligent transportation system market in the years ahead, wherein the leading players in the industry will be laying out new developments & innovations in the technology in order to cater to the burgeoning consumer requirements across India.

Markntel Advisors August 08, 2022
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As lives are becoming increasingly hectic with minimum or no time for proper food preparations, people tend to face health issues or have low immune strength owing to the unmet nutritional value. Hence, people, especially the younger generation, are becoming extensively health-conscious & choosing healthy eating habits, and showing a greater inclination toward food products with higher nutritional value.

In addition, the growing awareness among people about the ill effects of artificial flavors and agents in food has also raised concerns over food products & their consumption. Therefore, a substantial population is purchasing products that are naturally produced & do not have any artificial additives and using natural flavoring agents as an alternative to contribute to healthy eating.

In fact, the inclination toward such natural products is escalating so swiftly that several leading food manufacturing companies are also procuring & producing naturally driven ingredients. Hence, the demand for natural flavoring agents is growing worldwide and extensively used in households. Perhaps, these are among the prominent reasons why a recent research report published by MarkNtel Advisors reveals that the Global Natural Flavoring Agent Market is set to register a CAGR of around 6.9% during 2022-27.

If you are wondering why is there such an upsurge in demand for these products, this blog is for you to understand the key parameters driving the popularity of natural flavoring agents in the expansive food & beverages industry. Let us keep reading to find out more.

Factors Backing the Hype for Natural Flavoring Agent

While the application of flavoring agents is expansive and can be added to a variety of food & beverages, they are actually popular. Besides, as we live in a world with diverse cultures, offering us a blend of tastes, experimentation with dishes is nothing new today. It is one of the many areas where natural flavoring agents are used to hinting at or dominate the original taste in the food & beverages.

Be it a cocktail at a nightclub or a fancy dish at a restaurant, there are no boundaries where these flavoring agents can be used and amaze your tastebuds. In fact, today flavoring agents have become a key additive in the food and offer hundreds of varieties like fruit, vegetables, seafood, nut, spice blends, & wine, among others, where each of these is a natural flavoring agent.

Moreover, since natural flavoring agents are extracted from plants, herbs & spices, animals, & microbial fermentations, among others, they are also rich in essential oils & oleoresins & can be used in their natural & processed form for human consumption. However, people must understand that while natural flavorings agents are absolutely free from artificial replications or ingredients and meet safety requirements, there are possibilities of individual reactions, where these are possible in people having allergies or following special diets.

As the population across the world is growing exponentially, projecting massive food consumption, the food & beverages industry is likely to expand constantly in the future and, in turn, would exemplify a continual demand for flavoring agents. In addition, an escalation in the health consciousness among people is another factor that would back the demand for natural products, including these agents, and create new directions for the natural flavoring agent industry in the years ahead.

Markntel Advisors August 04, 2022
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As hard as life could be at any point for people, a source of entertainment is a must to relieve the stress & chaos and have a good time watching a good movie or web series. Indeed, it is not always possible to have access to a television or go out to movie theatres.

However, it is not something to fret about in the modern era of entertainment when it has sided with digitalization. Today, entertainment & digitalization have paved the way for Over-The-Top (OTT) Platforms across different corners of the world, including regions like the Middle East & Africa, & swiftly gaining popularity among people.

In fact, numerous entertainment companies have associated with several OTT platform providers to expand the user base across different countries in the region and offer expansive content for entertainment. Therefore, a recent research report published by MarkNtel Advisors reveals that the Middle East & Africa OTT Platform Market is set to register a significant growth rate during 2022-27.

The region is experiencing the vast popularity of these platforms that allow watching shows, movies, and a lot more, and capabilities to pause, play, skip, or rewind anytime & anywhere. Let us read the blog further to learn more about the prominent aspects backing the demand for OTT platforms across the Middle East & Africa.

The Hype in the Middle East & Africa

As the economic conditions of people are improving swiftly, people are showing a greater inclination toward living a convenient life, subscribing to OTT platforms & spending time watching something online. Perhaps the Covid-19 pandemic has a lot to fuel the demand for these subscriptions and the massive popularity of OTT platforms across the region. After all, the uncertain duration of lockdowns actually showed a user shift toward binge-watching. In fact, several prominent companies offered high-quality videos & audio alongside the vast content availability to enhance customer experience.

You are mistaken if you believe that OTT platforms are just for entertainment. Amidst the pandemic, online platforms for education & work were a relatively new concept, these platforms were quick to gain adoption among people owing to their vast features offering better voice quality, easy connectivity, and high streaming picture, among others.

There are different uses for these digital platforms across media & entertainment, education & learning, and gaming, like video on demand, online gaming, music streaming, and communication, playing a prominent role in the substantial popularity of OTT platforms across the Middle East & Africa.

A Way Ahead

We learned that with constant releases of new web series, shows, & movies entwined with the convenience of music streaming, education, and learning at different OTT platforms, their popularity & demand are growing swiftly. The leading players in the industry are actively working on expanding their services while bringing innovations in order to cater to the rising needs of people, which hint toward a profitable future ahead for the Middle East & Africa OTT Platform Market in the years ahead.

Markntel Advisors August 03, 2022
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