A weekend-get-away after a long & hectic work life eases the mind & body in multiple ways. Today, several people find this relaxation in a long drive, a bike ride, or just a spontaneous adventure. But, the skyrocketing fuel prices and heavy pockets often restrain riders to tap a couple more places on the route. Yet, regardless of the elevating fuel prices, the popularity of two-wheelers like scooters & motorcycles is escalating swiftly, not just for weekend get-away trips, but for day-to-day commutations too!!

In fact, the upsurging prices have shown a greater inclination of the people toward using Electric Scooters & Motorcycles. Such initiatives are not just enabling the user to avoid the high fuel prices but also contribute to environmental sustainability by not emitting carbon emissions from these vehicles. Perhaps it is one of the many reasons why a recent research report published by MarkNtel Advisors reveals that the Global Electric Scooter and Motorcycle Market is set to register a CAGR of around 14.62% during 2022-27.

Why is there so much Popularity for Electric Scooters & Motorcycles?

The population across different countries worldwide is growing exponentially & also demonstrating a swift improvement in the economic conditions of people. It, in turn, is also expanding the capabilities of the people to buy electric scooters & motorcycles and attain greater convenience in local transportation.

In fact, owing to the advantages of electric two-wheelers on the environment, the governments of different countries are promoting the sales of such vehicles as a contribution toward reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and laying out favorable policies & tax incentives. Besides, to overcome traffic congestion due to a high fleet of cars on the roads, people exemplify a greater preference for two-wheelers over four-wheelers for short-distance commutations.

Automakers worldwide view it as an opportunity to introduce more efficient, pocket-friendly, and convenient options for people in the form of electric scooters & motorcycles. This idea has also instigated the governments of different countries to encourage the people to invest money in these environment-friendly and sustainable vehicles. Hence, the popularity of electric scooters & motorcycles is accelerating swiftly. 

On the other hand, let us not forget how popular scooters are among the female population, which is still growing. With the rise in the number of working females, the demand & sales of electric scooters are escalating, not just for commutation from workplace to home but also for different day-to-day requirements. 

Likewise, the demand for motorcycles, especially among the younger generations, has elevated worldwide. As a result, several automakers are increasingly introducing new models, versions, and electrically enabled motorcycles in the market. It, in turn, is attracting a substantial consumer base and driving the industry. 

Are Electric Scooter & Motorcycle Maintenance any Different from Fuel-Based Vehicles?

While maintaining a fuel-based scooter and motorcycle might cause heavy pockets in some areas, like repairing parts, replacing components, and others, it is not the case with the electrical ones. Electric scooters & motorcycles have much cheaper maintenance and do not need a lot to look upon when the batteries & electric motor are in top-notch condition. In fact, the only thing that charges some maintenance cost is the battery. Besides that, Electric scooters and motorcycles are much more fun and safe than conventional two-wheelers owing to their lightweight, better balance, and robust structure. 

Is the Future of Electric Scooters & Motorcycles Sustainable?

Since the entire idea of electric automobiles is to contribute to the environment by reducing carbon emissions and lowering the pollution strain, even the governments of different countries are encouraging the adoption of electrically powered scooters & motorcycles for local commutation. Hence, these aspects hint that the demand for these vehicles would gain momentum and demonstrate a sustainable future in the industry while generating growth opportunities for the prominent players in the coming years.