Growing health consciousness among people has become a hot topic across different countries, especially in the Middle East. As the economic conditions of people are improving with their rising disposable incomes, people are showing a greater inclination toward healthy eating habits to maintain their overall health & stamina. What else has gotten massive attention is the growing consumer interest in organically produced food.

As more and more people are becoming aware of the harmful health effects of chemicals in food, there's a significant surge in customer preferences for organically produced goods that are free from any chemicals, toxins, or synthetic preservatives, among others.

As a result, several companies operating in the massive food & beverages industry across the Middle East are actively working on producing organic food & packing them safely for consumption, i.e., surging the demand for organic packaged food across various regional countries. Owing to these aspects, a recent research report published by MarkNtel Advisors has projected around 5.75% CAGR for the Middle East Organic Packaged Food Market during 2022-27.

More & More Demand for Naturally-Derived Food Products

The Middle East is a region with a vast influx of tourists, pilgrims, and migrants. Hence, the region offers a blend of different cultures, traditions, and regimes in their food offering, demonstrating a massive food & beverages industry, catering to the burgeoning population demands. In the same aspect, a large inflow of people seeking organic packaged food is also instigating the industry players to show a greater inclination toward such products rather than conventional ones. 

Moreover, as consumers are projecting a high demand for organic packaged food, the leading players are indulging in fulfilling their needs. In fact, the industry players are adopting new strategies to expand their product portfolio, visibility, and customer base. It includes a widespread availability of these food products on different sales channels, like online and offline stores. 

While offline stores are a primary channel for shopping and have a substantial population, a paradigm shift of the leading players to online channels owing to the growing prevalence of smartphones and the internet is also gaining momentum. People are showing a rise in preference for online mediums for a variety of options, convenience, and easy comparison between products, alongside benefits like exciting offers, great deals, & doorstep delivery services, among others. Consequently, the demand & sales for organic packaged food is growing swiftly across the Middle East. 

Nonetheless, the growing prevalence of health issues and a greater focus on healthy eating are critically catering to the rising demand for organic packaged food in the region. In addition, as people have a hectic lifestyle today with minimum or no time for food preparations, the demand for organic packaged food is gaining massive hype, thereby hinting toward a swift rise of the industry altogether in the future. 

The Middle East is an area of lucrative opportunities for the companies involved in organic packaged food owing to the growing government focus on strengthening tourism and food & beverages industries while diversifying the economy away from the oil & gas sector. The massive influx of tourists & migrants is likely to remain instrumental in increasing food requirements across the region. As a result, regional food manufacturers are actively working on introducing new products and expanding their production capacities in order to increase their customer base & visibility, which indeed projects a profitable future ahead for the Organic Packaged Food Industry in the Middle East.