The beauty & fashion industries are expanding swiftly and generating a massive customer base worldwide, mostly among females. However, genders choosing what apparently is "appropriate" is more like an old talk now. Today, the male population is nowhere behind as a prevalent customer base in the industry, including sectors like clothing, accessories, & beauty & cosmetics, especially. Perhaps it is one of the many reasons why new brands are emerging across different corners of the world & introducing new products.

While we dedicate this blog to talking about cosmetics, let me ask you something. Have you ever come across the term "veganism" in cosmetics? Maybe or maybe not? Let me tell you about it and how it is associated with cosmetics today.

Vegan cosmetics are those products developed without using animal ingredients and are gaining swift traction & followers across different countries globally, thereby advocating no use of animal ingredients in any beauty or skincare product.

This concept has generated lucrative opportunities for prominent cosmetic manufacturers worldwide, owing to which the Global Vegan Cosmetic Market is set to register around 6.25% CAGR during 2022-27. The growing market would attract numerous new entrants & established brands to launch an extensive range of vegan cosmetics and expand their customer base worldwide in the nearer future.

Differentiating Cruelty-Free & Vegan Cosmetics

While most people confuse vegan cosmetics with cruelty-free cosmetics, both of them are different in ways. Let us read the blog further to find out more about the differences between the too, and not get fooled.

Cruelty-free products are the ones that are not tested on animals of any kind. However, it is not always necessary that a cruelty-free product is also vegan. The concept of Cruelty-Free pretty much revolves around not testing any procedures of ingredients & final product on animals, while vegan cosmetics are in line with the ingredients.

Hence, it is possible that if you see a cosmetic product labeled "Cruelty-Free" is also vegan. However, a product labeled vegan might contain the "bi-products" of animals, like honey, beeswax, collagen, lanolin, albumen, cholesterol, carmine, or gelatin, among other ingredients procured without any cruelty to animals.

Key Benefits associated with Vegan Cosmetic Products

The prominent reason for making a paradigm shift to vegan cosmetics is promoting animal-free ingredients worldwide. However, what adds up to the massive consumer base and growing trends of veganism are listed below. Let us take a look at these perks in the blog ahead:

  • Use of Natural Ingredients

As most vegan cosmetics are produced using natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins & minerals, the one who is using the cosmetic is only treating the skin with the goodness of nature and avoiding the use of chemicals and their side effects. The popular natural ingredients used in vegan products are aloe vera, seaweed, essential oils, and chamomile, among others. 

  • Easy Availability & Growing Affordability

Undoubtedly, the entire vegan industry is modeled on an extensive range of products, from affordable to expensive, making vegan cosmetics fit for people with all budgets. Besides, the increasing adoption of vegan cosmetics is demonstrating uptight competition between companies, which in turn, is also showcasing their growing expansion & visibility across regions. 

  • Friendly with Sensitive Skin

Since vegan cosmetics are developed using fewer ingredients, they are more likely to have greater suitability for people with sensitive skin. Therefore, people with sensitive skin show a greater inclination toward vegan cosmetics to reduce the chances of developing rashes, acne, dryness, inflammation, etc. 

What’s next for the Vegan Cosmetics Industry?

Veganism is a notion, and one does not have to be a vegan to understand it or use the products made in this concept. As the trend is emerging rapidly, not just in food products but in cosmetics too, the Global Vegan Cosmetics Market shall be witnessing significant expansion and generating remunerative prospects for the leading cosmetic manufacturers worldwide in the coming years.